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Share your knowledge. Own your niche.

We create game-changing books that help grow entrepreneurs businesses, brands and bank accounts.

We are the publishers for experts that are serious about building the next phase of their business.

Your Book. Your Future.

Let’s fast-forward a year. You are landing your biggest deal yet, getting invited to speak at events you used to pay to attend, increasing your prices plus you’ve got a waiting list of pre-qualified leads. You are happier because you are now working with your ideal clients and charging your true worth. In short, you are KNOWN and in-demand.

That’s what we do here. It’s way more than publishing a book about you and your business. When done right, a book can be a game-changing growth tool that establishes you as the go-to person within your sector. These aren’t empty claims. Every single one of these things has actually happened to our authors.

Are you ready for the next chapter of your business?

The method behind our success

How do we do
 what we do?

 There is a little secret magic that our team applies to the projects we work on which we aren’t going to give away for free, but the framework and methodology that we apply to each and every book is always the same. 

Our publishing process takes you from first draft to being a published, and probably bestselling, author in just 7 months. We make sure that you are coached, pushed, supported and kept accountable throughout the process.

Your book will be an ever-green introduction to your business that works for new readers for years to come, so it’s important we all work hard and get this right.

That’s why we developed our fail-safe 6P process.

Our 6P Process


Firstly, we need to understand where you want to position yourself within your niche, what your customers need from you and how this book will work within your business. This enables us to create a publishing strategy around your customers. 


Now we’ve got to know your business, we can plan a book that perfectly solves your customers’ problem and achieves your business goals. We’ll make sure you share the value and knowledge your readers need, giving the right information in the right order in the right depth. 


Once you have your detailed writing road-map, it’s time for you to get to work impressing your readers. Our coaching and accountability sessions will keep you focused, develop your writing and give you confidence in the content you are creating. 


This is where the magic happens. Now the editorial team will work with you to turn your manuscript into something truly amazing with deep structural editing, copyediting and proofreading


With the content ready to knock your reader’s socks off, it’s time to dress to impress. Your design team will create a cover and marketing materials you can’t wait to show off, and stylish engaging page layouts.


It’s about to get real, and emotional! All our hard work is about to go live. We can organise copies for your launch event and go live so you can start selling. Don’t forget that you keep 100% royalties.

Two Peas in a Pod

We may have been publishers for ten years, but we are first and foremost ambitious entrepreneurs, just like you. We were founded by a young, dynamic brother and sister team from a long line of entrepreneurs. We know your challenges, share your goals and celebrate your successes.  

Unlike other publishers, we make sure we understand your business model inside and out, so we can publish a book that delivers value for your customers and growth for your business.

We know you need to see a return on this investment, which is why we ensure you have live sales data and keep 100% royalties.

Your business asset, your profit.

What is included in our publishing package?

Our comprehensive publishing package is a 7 month programme. Expect hand holding, tellings off, high fives and tough deadlines resulting in an incredible final product and an unforgettable experience you’ll want to repeat. You’ll be pushed but we’ll make sure it is manageable and worth it!

Our package is £6,999 and covers absolutely everything you need to make your book a success. Here are some of the highlights of our package but for a full breakdown (it is so jam packed full of value we would need a separate website just to list it) get in touch and we can provide you will the full details. 

6 hours of coaching and accountability

To push your writing skills to greatness and give you confidence and guidance throughout the publishing process.

Bespoke marketing launch strategy and content plan

So you launch with momentum and get known

Full editorial coaching, structural editing, copy editing and proofreading as standard

To ensure your content is of the highest quality and really showcases what you do.

Full design of you front and back cover, spine, interior pages and marketing materials

So that everything to do with the book impresses at a glance (this is a quick and easy win)

Paperback and eBook creation and distribution (with the possibility to create a hardback too)

So it’s easy for readers to buy your book wherever they are in the world, however they like to read. You keep 100% of your book sales profit; we don’t take a cut.

 There are some reasons why you shouldn’t choose us

We’re honest and we’re realistic. That isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t chose us, but we will be completely transparent about whether this will work for you. We don’t take on every submission. 

Not everyone is a good fit for each other. We’re sure you’ve found that in your business and we are under no illusion that we are the perfect solution for everyone. We practice what we preach and believe it is all about finding the right projects, not just more projects. So with that said we might not be the best fit if…

You don’t want to be coached and pushed outside of your comfort zone to create something that will leave your readers desperate to work with you

You just want a pretty book to show your mum

You want to write your business biography (leave that to Branson)

You want a publisher to give your manuscript a quick tidy up, tell you it’s amazing and churn out your book along with countless others

You want a photo of your face on the front cover

You haven’t yet established your business