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Take cover. Your business is about to explode.

Let’s fast-forward a year. The book we published together is out and getting great reviews. You are landing your biggest deals yet, getting invited to speak at events you used to pay to attend, increasing your prices, you’re working with more of your ideal clients, plus you’ve got a waiting list of pre-qualified leads. It’s been an exciting ride and it’s only just got started. 

Learn more about how we help business owners like you harness the power of publishing to position themselves as experts, turn readers into clients and create opportunities for their businesses.

Our authors have leveraged their books to appear in:

The juggle is real

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how busy life and inboxes can be. The juggle is real. 

That’s why we combine coaching, accountability and done-for-you services. This gives you the time to write the best book possible, in your own words, while juggling everything else.

This process has enabled our authors to create amazing books whilst still having time to do cool things like launch online courses, give TedX talks and train for triathlons without cutting into their free time (too much).

Expect hand-holding, tellings off, high fives, tough deadlines and ultimately, a book you’re really proud of. Yes, we’ll push you way outside your comfort zone, but we’ll give you the guidance and support you need to create a book so powerful, you’ll be impressed you wrote it.

"I’m selling around $20,000 worth of books a month. It’s getting very big level”

Tim Castle, Author of ‘The Art of Negotiation’ and ‘Be the Lion’

"Publishing my book was business-changing, game-changing and life-changing"

Sarah Carroll, Author of ‘Grow Fast, Grow Global’, Founder of Grow Global

"I was really impressed with the end result . I never could have go the book to this stage without Leila's help."

Mary Grant, author of ‘Empowered by Style’, stylist and fashion designer

Coaching & Accountability

Like all great coaches, we get the best out of you and keep you focussed, committed and on track.

Production & distribution

Extend your global reach. We make your work available in paperback, hardback and eBook format. Everywhere.

Editing & proofreading

We don’t hold back. You’ll get everything from deep structural editing to proofreading, twice. We’re that serious about impressing your readers.

Book launch & marketing plan

Instant impact, lasting legacy. We’ll get you to bestseller status quickly and develop a long term strategy that keeps feeding your business leads.

Award winning design

Knock ‘em dead. Your book will make an awesome first impression, whether it lands in the hands of a customer, influencer or potential partner.

You keep 100% royalties

Yes, that’s right. You keep the lot, and have access to live sales data – we know you love your metrics.

Discover how publishing with Known can deliver big results.

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