Free 30min Book Strategy Session

Setting off on the right path is where a lot of authors struggle and fall down. It is hard to know where to start, what to say and how to organise your thoughts. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, question yourself or fall down a rabbit hole and write 40,000 words that don’t serve your reader.
Our book strategy sessions analyse your business, your customers, and the problems you can solve. We do this by using our 3-point method, which focuses on the key areas of business book publishing success:
  1. Positioning you as an expert
  2. Turning your readers into paying customers
  3. Creating opportunities for you and your business

These sessions will give you clarity, focus, motivation, confidence in your project and, above all, a detailed report. This contains actionable steps, a timeline, and some accountability deadlines.

Whether you are just starting out on your writing journey, or are part-way through and have lost momentum or confidence in the project, or maybe even have a draft that is yet to see the light of day, we will help you write the best book possible.
If you can come and hang out with us at our office in Croydon (South London), awesome! If not, we can schedule a video call or a good old fashioned phone conversation. Whatever suits you. Click the button below to get your session booked in. We look forward to chatting!


"I’m selling around $20,000 worth of books a month. It’s getting very big level”

Tim Castle, Author of ‘The Art of Negotiation’ and ‘Be the Lion’

"Publishing my book was business-changing, game-changing and life-changing"

Sarah Carroll, Author of ‘Grow Fast, Grow Global’, Founder of Grow Global

"I was really impressed with the end result . I never could have go the book to this stage without Leila's help."

Mary Grant, author of ‘Empowered by Style’, stylist and fashion designer

Our authors have leveraged their books to appear in: